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Divine Appointment With a Heat Wrap

Today was the first day since last Friday that I was able to move around almost normally.  I have permanent damage in my neck from an accident years ago, and every now and then it freezes up on me and I can’t move my neck very much.  When that happens, I spend some time with a heat wrap around my neck and I’m okay in no time.  Unfortunately, this wasn’t one of those times.  My neck decided to be stubborn, and I was wearing the heat wrap off and on all weekend.  Which, now that I think of it, may have been a divine appointment.

A couple of months ago my husband bought me a “just because” gift – Priscilla Shirer’s book Fervent.  It has been sitting on my chair-side table ever since.  I’ve been meaning to read it, I just hadn’t gotten to it yet.  Well, this weekend I picked it up and even watched the movie “War Room”, which stars Priscilla Shirer and inspired her to write the book.  The movie was excellent, and the book is inspiring.  I’m working through the book right now.  It’s not a book that you just read through.  It’s a book you WORK through.  It’s helping me work on my prayer life, which needs it right now.  I am definitely in a dry spell there.

Sometimes I think the Lord allows these down times so we’ll stop long enough to really focus on Him and something He has for us.  I started working on my first book while I was down with a broken foot (here’s a little more info about that).  God gets our attention any way He can, and sometimes, the only way I’ll slow down is if I physically have no choice.  I’ve known for awhile that my prayer life needed a revival, and this weekend was just the kick in the pants I needed.  Between the movie and the book, I have been inspired to seek God with renewed fervor.

We all have spiritual dry spells now and then.  Along with the mountain tops we have to have valleys.  I think we moms especially struggle with finding the time and the energy for spiritual pursuits.  When my boys were little, right after I put them to bed at night, I spent at least a few minutes in The Word.  Nap time was when I got any Bible study homework done.  As they grew older and things changed, so did my quiet time routines.  Yours will change with the seasons of your life as well.  One thing I think I’ve learned over the years is that the dry spells end and the rain that comes afterward is all the sweeter because of what we experienced during the drought.  I know that I’m feeling very excited about this new direction in my prayer life, and I eagerly anticipate what the Lord is going to do!


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