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A Funny Thing Happened on My Mini Mom Vacay

I’m chillin’ at my sister’s for a few days.  Lots of wide open country, cows, and thunderstorms – SO Texas!  Anyway, it’s a mini vacay because my sissy helps a lot with my kiddo and I get some much needed down time.  Also, I’m not at home where laundry, dishes, and cooking call my name all day long.  It is also a three day weekend this weekend so I don’t have to do school while we’re here either!  Bonus!  Now, about the funny thing that happened.

I was working on my blog site last night and my little was sitting next to me playing on her auntie’s iPad.  She caught site of the blog name and asked me what a super mom was.  I did my best to explain, emphasizing the perfection thing, and this is what she said to me, “But you ARE a super mom”.  Whaaaat?!  Can you imagine?!  This is the same kid who hated me the other day because I made her clean her room.  Ten-year olds can be so fickle!  I think I need to explain the concept again, while pointing out the sink full of dirty dishes, the laundry hamper with dirty clothes spilling over the sides, and reminding her of the bowl of cereal she had the other night for dinner.  Although to her, that last one definitely makes me a super mom.  It’s her favorite thing to eat aside from Mac n’ cheese.

Then it dawned on me.  She doesn’t care about the dirty dishes or the laundry.  She doesn’t care that my roots are showing and I haven’t had a professional manicure in this decade.  When I asked her why she thinks I’m a super mom she said, “I jut think you’re really nice and awesome … and your food is awesome.”  Translation:  You spend time with me and you make me Mac n’ cheese.  It’s amazing to me sometimes, the expectations I put on myself and somehow think they are the expectations of my family.  In reality, they either have no expectations or they’re as simple as expecting me to spend time with them.  All the pressure I feel to perform at this extremely high standard comes from me!

To be honest with you, I know this.  I have struggled with perfectionism most of my adult life.  I have this image in my head of what I’m supposed to look like, what my house is supposed to look like, what my LIFE is supposed to look like and the reality doesn’t match up.  And guess what?  It’s OKAY.  Life is not a picture postcard – not real life anyway.  I am finally starting to accept that.  I am realizing that all the pressure I put on myself does nothing but exhaust me.  It doesn’t make me a better wife.  It doesn’t make me a better mom.  It doesn’t make me a better person.  In fact, it makes me a stressed out person.  I am so much happier when I just do my best and give God the rest, and I focus on what’s really important.  Like investing more time and energy in the people around me than trying to have that picture postcard life … and occasionally being okay with the kiddo having cereal for dinner.  After all, even though I know I’m NOT a super mom, it’s kind of nice to have someone think so.  Even if it’s just for today. 😉



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