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You might think that Friday doesn’t mean much to a stay-at-home mom, but oh how you’d be mistaken!  Especially when that stay-at-home mom is also a homeschool mom.  Sometimes homeschooling a fourth-grader just makes me want to run down the street screaming.  Don’t get me wrong, some days are good.  We actually have peace and get some things accomplished.  This week, unfortunately, had more of the other kind of days.  Days where we’re testing mom’s limits and exercising our muscles of manipulation.  Sass has become a hobby lately for my little sweet-pea (cue sarcasm).  The “sweet-pea” has been rarely seen lately.  Anyway, we had a trying week this week and I am glad to see it come to a close.  Especially because we’re headed to my sissy’s tomorrow for five days of crafting and chilling.  She and her husband live about two hours south of here on four acres out in the middle of almost nowhere with one neighbor, lots of cows, and two dogs.  Can you say “peaceful”!  I can’t wait.  I need these little mini-vacas to maintain sanity.  Somewhere in the past few years (after my 50th birthday, I think) my patience and endurance started getting a little thinner, unlike my waistline.  Why is it that when you get older you start growing things where you’re not supposed to and losing things where you’re supposed to have them?  I always thought that by this time in life I would be more patient and wise.  A woman of few words, but when I spoke it would be impactful.  Ha! Things seem to actually be going the other way.  Sometimes I find myself dumb-founded when I realize I just rambled on at somebody without even really thinking about what I was saying.  Words just came out.  Praise God I don’t do that all the time, in fact rarely, but when it happens – I’m surprised at myself.  Anyway, I think I just bunny-trailed.  My point was that this thinning of the patience and endurance has given rise to a whole new joy in me at the arrival of Friday.  I feel like celebrating when Friday rolls around!  In fact, to celebrate this Friday I’m headed to the kitchen to try out a new cookie recipe (no judging.  We all celebrate in our own ways). We’re done with school for the week, I’ll pack for our trip right before bed, so … on to the cookies! Have an awesome weekend and celebrate the little things in life!  Like Fridays (insert happy dance!!)  😃😁💃🏼


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